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Spiritdancers Raggie Annie
Countryhouse Blue Morgan x Spiritdancers Cleopatra

After a lot of time and patience, our first Ragdoll Annie finally came. Many thanks to Sue Allan, from Spiritdancers Ragdolls.

Annie is all that a Ragdoll should be; she is a very typical type and has a fantastic temperament. Annie did extremely well on the show bench as a kitten but unfortunately came into call at an early age and decided to stop growing!

Annie just loves being a Mum and thankfully puts good size into her kittens. It is thanks to this girl that our passion for the Ragdoll started and as we have often heard it said one Ragdoll is never enough and quite soon it wasn’t!!
Annie has been DNA tested and come back clear for PKD and of the know HCM gene.
Leasows Loola
Ragamour Lord Horatio x Ragamews Marisska

Lola is a special girl being  100% pure English  and it is with a big thanks to Barry Smith at Leasowes Ragdolls for letting us have her. Although being a bit aloof Lola loves kittens hers or anyone else’s and has well earned the nick name “the kitten snatcher” as she rounds up anyone’s kittens and loves them.

She is of nice type and has a loving personality with a typical old English coat that she passes to her kittens.

 With the few shows she has been out too she has achieved 1 champion certificate.
Loola has also been DNA tested and has come back clear for PKD and the only know HCM gene.
Spiritdancers Mischief
Countryhouse Blue Morgan x Ragalyn Myssissippiy
Muddles is our Seal bicolour who when we saw her we just had to have her. Although she likes to keep herself to herself she does occasionally show off her affectionate side. She is a real character and is most definitely the boss. We had tried to have a litter from her for some time with no joy. Then when she waddled passed us one morning with a big tummy we were over the moon. Worried as to how she would take to the Kittens we just hoped she would be ok. She turned out to be a fantastic mum nursing a litter of 6.   

Muddles has been DNA tested and come back clear for PKD and of the known HCM gene.

Muddles also carries Chocolate.

Montante Keeta
Ragamour Lord Horatio x Ragamews Marisska



Keeta is a Seal Tortie Bi Colour Girl. She is a very large in size and is of exceptional type. She is a Champion and would go all the way to the top, however showing isn't really her thing so we made the decision for her to be a stay at home Raggy.