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Champion Margelite Apple Jaque
B Bumble bee (imp) x Dreamcats Isa Dora
We were so lucky to be offered Jaque a few years ago and we would like to thank Heather Sabine for allowing us to have him. We fell in love with him the moment we saw him.
He is such a fantastic traditional Ragdoll with a personality second to none. He just adores people and where ever you are he wants to be. Jaque is such a happy cat always ready to give you a love he brightens up your day.
Jaque will be at closed stud.
 Ragtasia AppleJaque JNR
Margelite Apple Jaque x Leasowes Loola
We were lucky enough to breed a HCM clear boy from Jaque.
Dexter was are last chance to breed a HCM know gene clear boy from our presious stud boy Jaque. Jaques personality has strongly come through to Dexter and he looks so much like Jaque which is exactly what we wanted.
He is a lovely big boy again with traditional blood lines. We are looking forward to seeing what he produces in the coming years.
Dexter will be at closed stud.
Azzedine Leonardo
Azzedine Pierot x Snowdolls Blue Savanna
Here at Ragtasia we have always been so lucky when it comes to stud boys and yet again Lady Luck must of been smiling down on us .
We are so pleased for the fantasic opportunity of owning this special stud boy Leo, bred by one of the Authors of the Definitive Guide to Ragdolls Lorna Wallace.
 Hes a nice type with a lovely pale coat and is a funny little character with the longest tail you ever did see ! He has definitely got his Paws under the table here.  
Leo has also been tested and come back clear for the only know HCM gene.
There are NO traditional Stud Boys by Leo and we hope to keep a son off him in the near future.