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Champion Spiritdancers Patchwork
Countryhouse Blue Morgan x Leasowes Solitaire

Pattie is the naughty tortie we just had to have. Many thanks again to Sue for this mischievous girl, where ever you are in the house you know this chatty girl is never far away. Whenever you go out she will sit in the window waiting for your return and will run to the door to be the first to greet you.

We are very proud that Pattie came the first ever Seal tortie mitted champion in he UK and won Best Mitted Kitten Opposite sex Ragarule Trophy 2004.
Champion Adfurlo Ragtasiaspringtime
Screen Legend of Little Bear x Spiritdancers Raggie Annie
suzzie sitting 

We were so excited when Annie became pregnant and the 63 days were the longest EVER! Annie started labour and out popped Suzzie and we waited for the next kitten. We waited and waited to the point where it was for sure there was no more to be born! So Suzie was the first ever Ragdoll we bred in fact the only one!

Suzzie was such an energetic kitten and seeing her mum and Auntie were not overly interested in playing; we had to be her play friends. We just got so close to her that we just couldn’t bare to part with her, so guess what she stayed!!

Suzzie has also done well on the show bench and reached her champion status.
UK Grand Champion Ragtasia Peachesand Cream
Margelite Apple Jaque x Champion Spiritdancers Patchwork
Peaches is from one of our foundation Red Series cats Pattie. It was with much discussion that we decided to sell her to someone who would be prepared to show her. Peaches went to a fantastic home where she was shown to perfection and received Grand Champion status being the first red series in the UK and winning the Onyx Trophy for best adult red series two years running.
 She is now back with us which is fantastic. She is a beautiful cat with her mum’s personality.

We are looking forward to moving our Red Series program forward with her in the coming years.

Peaches has been DNA tested and come back clear for PKD and of the known HCM gene.

Peaches also carries Chocolate.





peaches show 2 peaches show1

Champion Ragtasia Summer Breeze
Margelite Apple Jaque x Spiritdancers Mischief



Sky is from muddles first and only litter. We never planned on keeping her ourselves but she now has her paws defiantly under the table and is here to stay!

She has done very well showing and in her first show she won all her classes and was best overall semi longhaired kitten. In her second show The British Ragdoll Cat Show she did very well again becoming the Best overall Kitten in Show receiving the Jazzmania Trophy and Aunt Sally Trophy for being the Best overall Bi colour kitten. Fingers are crossed she does as well in the adult classes.
As hoped at the tender age of 14 months and in 3 consecutive shows are fantastic SKY has become a Champion