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 Every one of our kittens are very special to us and are born and raised in a loving home environment.
They are given our full attention from day one nurturing their every need through there many early life stages.
We do not take rehoming our babies lightly and always find the right home for each individual kitten.
If you feel you are ready to share your home and life with one of our kittens for the rest of its life please feel free to contact us for a chat.
 All Ragtasia kittens leave our home at around 15+weeks old with :-
• GCCF Registration

• Vet Checked (4 times)

• Vaccinated (cat flu and enteritis)

• Preventative worm/flea treatment

• Litter trained

• Neutered

• Microchipped

• 5 generation pedigree certificate

• 4 weeks kitten insurance

• Kitten pack, kitten care sheet and kitten sales agreement

• A lifetime of support from us
Please note our kittens are strictly INDOOR cats and we are not willing to sell a single kitten if you are out at work for long periods.
Ragdolls thrive with company and are unhappy when left alone for long periods of time.