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We breed and show ragdolls under the prefix of Ragtasia and have been since 2003


In February 2002 we purchased our house which is situated on a busy main road. With our passion for animals and the want for a cat, we decided that the loss of a cat to the road would just be to devastating for words so we stated the hunt for an indoor cat.


After much research the Ragdoll seemed to be the breed of cat that we kept coming back to. So it was here that we started our journey into the Ragdoll World.


We spent hours talking to breeders and eventually found a breeder who did have kittens for sale and would be prepared to take us under her wings and share the extensive knowledge and passion she has for the Ragdoll.

Here we brought our very first Ragdoll, from Sue Allen, Spirtdancers Raggie Annie (Annie).


If only we knew then how that one little fluffy kitten was going to take us on a journey with a Ragdoll that would become one of our extreme passions.


As our knowledge expanded we started to embark on our breeding program, to maintain the Type, Health and Temperament of the Ragdoll in all Patterns and Colours, with special interest in preserving the 100% pure English lines, the Traditional Ragdoll and the Red Series.